At the Polytechnic University of Milan, there are those who believe that learning does not only take place in the classroom, but also in streets, squares, the outdoors, and real businesses. Elena Granata, professor of urban planning, accompanied by Fiore de Lettera, director of CityLab, a multidisciplinary laboratory of architecture and urbanism, and Mario Tancredi, instructor at the Universidad de La Salles in Bogotà, Colombia, decided to organize a series of lessons en plein air on the relationship between the built environment and landscape, between workspaces and nature, and how one can practice urban design and architecture in an uncontaminated environment such as a national park.


March 1, 2016: Edilizia e Territorio, a special section of the newspaper, Il Sole 24 Ore, featured an article about our factory with particular attention paid to Enzo Eusebi and his focus on a “project characterized by avant-garde qualitative standards and a remarkable sensibility for the environment.”

February 29, 2016:, the official website of Arketipo, a monthly international journal of architecture and construction engineering, highlighted the architecture of our new facility whose mirrored finishings almost seem to enhance its natural surroundings.

February 26, 2016:, the first online magazine of design and architecture in the world, wrote an article on our prosciuttificio in Preci and its architect, Enzo Eusebi, that discussed all of the design and construction phases of this new facility. And on the magazine’s Instagram page, the article featuring our building received nearly 4,000 likes in just four days!

January and February 2016: We were featured in the renowned Italian magazine of architecture and design, ABITARE, in a special edition dedicated to facades and design post-Expo 2015. This particular edition of the magazine received a substantially increased circulation (around 90,000 copies) and was distributed at the Cologne International Interiors Show.

2012: Il Messaggero wrote an article about our factory, whose design was featured at the Thirteenth Edition of the Venice Biennale of Architecture inside the Italian Pavilion curated by Luca Zevi. In this occasion, Pietro Bellini, Mayor of the Town of Preci, was also interviewed.



Our Norcia prosciutto is salted twice with sea salt and small amounts of pepper. After the first salting, the prosciutto is left to rest for seven days in a low temperature (1-4°C) and high humidity (70%-80%) space. This is followed by a cleaning and draining process and then the second salting, which lasts this time for 14 to 18 days. Our prosciuttos must be aged for at least 12 months, and the necessary characteristics of our final product in order to be brought to market are as follows: pear shaped (obtained by trimming the prosciutto); weight of no less than 8.5kg; a slice of our prosciutto must appear compact and be dark pink to light red in colour; it must have a characteristic lightly spicy smell; and it must taste savoury but not salty. Our Norcia Prosciutto is marked with a special badge identifying its status as a product with a Protected Geographic Indication.