Our prosciutto is made in the Umbrian hill towns of Norcia, Preci, Cascia, Monteleone Spoleto, and Poggiodomo, all of which are located 500 metres above sea level.

Norcia Prosciutto is produced from the legs of large white adult pigs that are carefully selected, bred, and raised. In the salting process, we use medium-grain sea salt as well as a modest quantity of pepper. This work process is typical for the preparation of all types of prosciutto and thus includes two salting phases, larding, and aging (the latter sometimes lasting up to sixteen months). Our final product thus has a mildly spicy, fruity, and savoury flavour that is never overly salty.

The Protected Geographical Indication of Norcia Prosciutto is reserved for dry-cured and aged prosciuttos that adhere to strict conditions and standards.