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We produce our prosciutto from the meat of the most carefully selected Italian pigs. We cut our meat by hand and salt and season it with natural ingredients in accordance with the best traditions of Umbrian pork products and the specifications for the production of Norcia Prosciutto PGI.

We then age this product for at least 270 days. Its final colour is a uniform dark pink to light red interspersed with fat that is pure white. This prosciutto’s characteristic aroma is accompanied by a savoury but not salty taste.


Parameters Average values Unit
Energy value: 1120 Kjoule/100 g
268 kcal /100 g
Protein: 29,44 gr/100 g
Fat: 12,81 gr/100 g
Of which – saturates: 4,95 gr/100 g
Carbohydrate: 0,10 gr/100 g
Of which – sugars: 0 gr/100 g
Fibers: < 0,10 gr/100 g
Salt: 4,4 g

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