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A savoury and incased hand cut product made from carefully selected pork meat, then seasoned and aged by us for at least 100 days at a carefully controlled temperature and humidity. This lonza has a homogenous dark red colour with streaks of white fat and a characteristically spicy aroma. No genetically modified ingredients were used in its production. Sold in classic twine packaging.


Parameters Average values Unit
Energy value: 1321 Kjoule/100 g
316 kcal /100 g
Protein: 32,60 gr/100 g
Fat: 24,3 gr/100 g
Of which – saturates: 8,30 gr/100 g
Carbohydrate: 0,20 gr/100 g
Of which – sugars: 0 gr/100 g
Fibers: < 0,10 gr/100 g
Salt: 4,5 g

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