The entrepreneurial story of Salpi begins in the 1950s in the countryside of the Apennine Mountains in an artisanal workshop specializing in fine pork products.

These were the heady years of post-war reconstruction in Italy in which enthusiasm and dedication to one’s craft were the real ingredients of success. It is this passion and commitment that founded and grew the great small and medium businesses that form the backbone of the Italian economy.

With the growth of our business, our focus moved from small-scale artisanal butchery to larger-scale production and as such, we opened our first industrial production facility in the Town of Ripatransone in the Province of Ascoli Piceno in the 1970s and an additional building in the Town of Ancarano in the Province of Teramo in the 1990s.

In 2014, Salpi entered an important third phase in its corporate history with the opening of its prosciutto factory inside the National Park of the Sibylline Mountains. This new facility boasts state-of-the-art contemporary architecture that purposely blends into and respects its local, natural context.

Our company’s history is founded on the fundamental confluence between the culture of food and the local territory. Our company’s success is based on the intersection of traditional practices with a passion for innovation and the latest technologies. The Pallottini and Radaelli families, the founding partners of our business now in their third generation of leadership, continue to guide the strategic direction of our organization.

Sixty years after opening our first butchery, Salpi now sets the national standard for cured pork tenderloin and capicola, the products that started everything, as well as fine aged prosciuttos such as our Norcia Prosciutto PGI.