A journey from Norcia to Preci immerses a traveller in the traditions and tastes of Umbria.

This is a territory of stunning natural beauty and ancient cultural heritage with a wonderful quality of life. Arriving in Preci, one can immediately enjoy the town’s extraordinarily rich history, customs, green spaces, countryside, and culinary traditions that are both healthy and deeply rooted in local traditions. Preci is located in the southeast corner of the Italian Region of Umbria and the western edge of the National Park of the Sibylline Mountains, which straddles Umbria and its neighbouring Region of the Marche. The municipal area of Preci was built along the side of Mount Cavolese, which is found in the north of the Nera river valley, from 422 to 1493 metres above sea level. Travelling less than twenty kilometres to the south of Preci takes one back to Norcia and the productive heartland of Norcia Prosciutto PGI.